DR Pack 4 Years Subscription Upfront Billing & Production (24/7) Support.


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Multiyear Subscriptions with Upfront Billing contain all years in one SKU. Customer commits to pay for the entire length of the contract upfront. Sold in packs of 10. Compatible with VMware vSphere workloads only. Customer must own or simultaneously purchase Veeam Backup & Replication or Veeam Availability Suite (if socket based, must be Enterprise or Enterprise Plus edition). Customers who already own Veeam Disaster Recovery Orchestrator or only Veeam Backup Essentials do not qualify.
All New, and existing contracts at renewal of VDRO DR Pack must follow the below rules: 1) VUL-only environments: DR Pack license count must match the number of VUL licensed vSphere VMs (rounded up to nearest increment of 10); 2) Socket-based license only or Mixed VUL and Socket environments: 1 DR Pack (10) required per every CPU socket in the environment. No log file is required as we no longer track the Socket license density; 3) DR Pack licenses must be co-termed to the same month and year as the qualifying Backup & Replication or Availability Suite licenses.